Line Up


Thomas Wirtz

Communication designer
Düsseldorf (GER)

This is art. It moves. It does something with us. It is always different. This is us. These are the others. This is a mirror of our soul. This is Black Mirror.

Exploding sodium, vibrating glycerin, glowing steel wool or sublimating dry ice are just a few of the effects that Thomas Wirtz combines with typography in his Düsseldorf-based laboratory to develop experimental design solutions in various design disciplines. His award-winning master’s thesis forms the basic methodology for his workshops at the University of the Arts in Berlin.
For the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference 2017 in Las Vegas, he created, in addition to the corporate design, interactive exhibits and thus a live experience of characters and physical processes for the visitors together with his technical project partner Frédéric Wiegand.


“A unique experiment: We bring the” Black Mirror “installation from Las Vegas to Dusseldorf and step up the game. The modular system of analogue distortion effects not only allows participants to distort individual characters and symbols, but also to distort and film their own face live and in motion in a variety of ways.”

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