Line Up


Studio Rabotti

Illustration Office
Düsseldorf (GER)

A picture is worth a thousand words. And more pictures just say … more. The Magnificent Seven from Flingern provide the evidence and take you on a trip to the colorful.

In the Düsseldorf-based atelier “Studio Rabotti” seven illustrators draw for clients from various fields: advertising, editorial, fashion, comics, game design, e.g. One can hear the Italian-Russian embossed exclamation “Rabotti! Rabotti!” normally rather on construction sites of the Ruhr area. But also the seven creatives from Flingern have commited to the slogan meaning “Let’s work! Let’s get started!”. Max Fiedler, Stephan Lomp, Jennifer Daniel, Moritz Blumentritt, Lisa Taniyama, Brian Storm and Rumi Benecke develop illustrated solutions for illustrious clients from all over the world.


“How do you develop a story together? A playful approach to exchanging, inspiring and generating ideas with simple means.”

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