Line Up


Richard Kropf

Screenwriter („4 Blocks“)
Berlin (GER)

A good idea is a good idea – even if it may never made into a movie. Then just onto the next one. And between the second and third cup of coffee it flashes, the even better idea. Certainly.

Richard Kropf financed his studies in German philology and business administration as a television actor before starting as a writer on “Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten” in 2005 – and was fired after three months. Subsequently he was co-headwriter for “Der letzte Bulle” (Season 4) and co-created and co-wrote with Bob Konrad and Hanno Hackfort the first German Amazon Prime series “You are wanted” as well as the award-winning series “4 Blocks”. In autumn, their latest series, the comedy drama “Labaule & Erben”, will be released.


“I am looking forward to the exchange, want to hear as many lectures as possible – and hope for inspiration for new series!”

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