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CEO MosaMeat
Maastricht (NL)

Delicious! But not too cheap. And not too expensive. But the animals? And sausage made from whole egg is not better either. Flowers on bread? Damn, meat – what now?

Peter Verstrate is the CEO of MosaMeat, a company he co-founded with Mark Post, head of the Cultured Beef Program at Maastricht University. The product: a new breed of meat that does not suffer the negative effects of traditional meat production. In August 2013, the first hamburger from this cultivated beef was presented in London and received a huge media response.
Peter has worked in the food industry as a consultant and scientist for over 25 years. He held several senior positions in the processing meat industry.


“Shifting from traditional meat to cultured meat would significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, free up land and water resources and virtually eradicate animal suffering.”

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