Line Up

Keynote + Panel

Miriam Schilling
& Anna Elleke

Head of Human Resources VAUDE, Tettnang (GER)

Work-life balance or life-life balance? Where does work start and life stop? And how do we want to work today – but also in the future?

Miriam Schilling and Anna Elleke have made it their goal to make VAUDE an organization in which it fits! That is, in which the way you collaborate fits to what you want to achieve together. Courageously and with much curiosity, the two are responsible as process facilitators for promoting the self-efficacy in the organization. They actively support the assumption of responsibility and help to break new grounds and to try things. They believe that mistakes are important in order to develop and learn. Even they are always on the lookout for new methodologies and tools that support them in their work and enable them to playfully accompany processes of change.


“From the province to the big city! From the mountains to the stage! We live the possibilities! We look forward to an exciting format and hope for inspiring encounters!”

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