Line Up


Magdalena Witty &
Benedikt Ummen

Lüchtringen (GER)

A road trip on E? Yes please! A journey to the center of the earth? Almost! Globally reaching the limits? Definitely! Adventures that you can’t dream up? Guaranteed!

Spurred on by the recurrent question of how far they would come with their newly acquired electric car, Magdalena Witty and Benedikt Ummen left in April 2017 to clear up this big question once and for all. The weather was getting warmer, the border crossing took longer, and the power connections were getting more adventurous – when crossing Iran-Turkmenistan it became clear: turning around and going back is no longer an option. 140 days and more than 23,000 kilometers later and without a single car breakdown, they can only smile tiredly when they hear the word “range anxiety”.


“Why your own truths are so important – and how they helped us to make a supposedly impossible and insanely dangerous journey.”

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