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Keynote + Panel

LinYee Yuan

Founder and Editor MOLD Magazine
New York City (USA)

Designer Food from the Food Designer? Fusion cuisine or just pills? Does that still hit the spot – and how are we all actually getting full? Brain food now!

LinYee Yuan is the founder and publisher of MOLD (, a critically acclaimed editorial platform dedicated to the future of food. In addition to a website and an attached print magazine, there are MOLD events and exhibitions and LinYee works with food brands and designers on next-generation food products.
LinYee has worked for, Core77, the New York Times Style Magazine, and Theme Magazine, writing for Food52, Design Observer, Cool Hunting, Elle Decor, and Wilder Quarterly. She has also contributed the preface to Food Futures titled “Sensory Explorations in Food Design and Cooking Up Trouble”.


“How can we feed nine billion people by 2050? An interdisciplinary solution in reference to biology, technology, agriculture, design and much more.”

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