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Senior Editor TASCHEN Verlag
Cambridge (UK)

Logo? All right! Design? Check! Infographics? Sure thing! Album cover! Oh, yeah! In color? Anyway! And black and white! What do you think? Worldwide? No, limitless!

Julius Wiedemann is the Editor in Charge for Design and Pop Culture at TASCHEN publishing house. He has edited over 80 books in over 17 years and has sold more than two million copies worldwide, including titles such as “History of Graphic Design”, “Information Graphics” and “Understanding the World”.
Born in Brazil, where he studied design and marketing, Julius lived in Japan, Germany and the UK, is a regular lecturer, writes magazine contributions or sits in various juries around the world. His main interests reside in the intersection between culture, communication and technology.


„The work of the editor is to find the essence. Designers are the best editors I have ever met.“

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