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Fynn Kliemann

Founder and jack of all trades
Zeven (GER)

Who, if not him? When, if not now? Where, if not here? Open your eyes! Treat yourself! There’s something going on! Nothing is impossible! Or something like that.

Fynn Kliemann is quite a lot at once: founder and king of Kliemannsland, the first, best and most interactive Free State in the world, self-proclaimed DIY-king, as well as a musician who works on his debut album and a writer together with a buddy.
In addition, he sells his own home improvement clothing collection on and searches with his buddy Brian at „Pic & Abfahrt Möbel“ in workshops, barns and attics for old cabinets, workbenches and metal heaps, turns them into furniture and sells them.

Furthermore Fynn is a designer and front-end developer at the online agency “herrlich media”, which he runs with a friend, and co-founder of several startups, including Agantty, a free project management software, and Artyvecs, which designs sustainable wallets.
En passant, Fynn co-produces further video formats in Kliemannsland, has opened a café, is soon to open his own restaurant, and, and, and, and…


“My motto is: Just do it. Or something like that. You must never stop playing, you have to keep coming up with new ideas, and more importantly, having the courage to implement them.”

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