Line Up


Etienne Gardé

Founder and Presenter Rocket Beans
Entertainment GmbH
Hamburg (GER)

Skirmishing part of Edmundenzel? Black-humored Grumpy Ede? Freestyling MC Ed? Or just Etienne? The man who can. For example, almost 20 years of television. And much more.

Etienne, co-founder of Rocket Beans Entertainment GmbH, launched the first German, independent and community-driven Internet television channel Rocket Beans TV in January 2015, where he occupies the official “E” in B.E.A.N.S. As a moderator and author, he is involved in the design and implementation of various formats.
Born in Frankfurt, he has been working as a moderator for more than 15 years. His experiences include numerous moderation events for which he has been active around the world. Etienne was one of the founding members of the first daily video game live show, GIGA Games, which was launched in October 2000 on NBC Europe. For GIGA he carried out over 3000 live broadcasts in nine years. In 2009 he moved to “MTV Game One”, where he was initially responsible for the webseite of the show as moderator and editor and in 2011 joined the TV ensemble.

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