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Keynote + Panel

Dr. Anna Abraham

Professor of Psychology
School of Social Sciences, Leeds Beckett University (UK)

Where does it come from, the creativity? And where is it going? Am I not more creative at night after the third glass of red wine? Or am I just thinking that? Is this real right now?

Anna Abraham conducts research in such exciting topics as the neurocognitive basis of creativity, dealing with mental time travel, the distinction between reality and fiction, self-referential thinking and thinking in itself.
Anna studied and worked in psychology and neuroscience at a variety of academic institutions around the world and has published over 40 publications. Her book “Neuroscience of Creativity” is in the starting blocks.


Neuroscience shows: Everyone has creativity. But how does this miraculous ability work? What do we know about the creative spirit in us – and what not (yet)?

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