Line Up


Ali Can

Author and respect activist
Essen (GER)

Really good, man – not just for concerned citizens. Head up, think outside the box, at eye level, even if others disagree. Exciting!

Ali Can came to Germany with his family as asylum seekers in 1995. He studied German and ethics to become a teacher, but then didn’t become a teacher after all. Instead, in 2016 he founded the association “Interkultureller Frieden e. V. “as well as the” Hotline for Concerned Citizens” (Hotline für besorgte Bürger). From his conversational experiences with the hotline originated a book of the same name.
In 2018, he founded the “Much Respect Center” (Vielrespektzentrum) in Essen, where volunteers and people with different worldviews can use rooms for free, as long as they promote diversity and respect in society.


“From the “Hotline for Concerned Citizens” (Hotline für besorgte Bürger) to the “Much Respect Center” (Vielrespektzentrum): Communication is the key, especially when the most diverse worldviews meet.”

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