Open Minds. Crossing Ideas. New Reflections.

This year, we are upping the ante of the Open Source Festival with the Open Source Festival Congress (OSFC), which creates an exclusive yet informal inspirational arena in the middle of the pre-festival bustle. With an international line-up of thinkers, creators and visionaries from all conceivable industries and business segments of the global market. In this way, we let business and creativity clash, quite unusual and particularly exciting. We are here. What about you?

For twelve years, the OSF in Düsseldorf has been the pop and culture festival for the creative scene in NRW. Every year around 7,500 visitors flock to the beautiful grounds of the horse race course in the middle of the Grafenberg forest and celebrate a colorful mix of music, art and culture.

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Unusual location preferred

The OSFC located as an open-air event amidst the greenery of the official festival bustle. As atmospheric as it gets!

Lecture on the day before

There are wise words instead of music – with and by international speakers and on the most exciting topics. For listening and letting it sink in.

Need for talks

Whilst having a drink with speakers and moderators you can itensify what you have heard – personally and at eye level.

Frontally mixed

Now it’s time to get down to business – speakers, opponents, professional inquirers and you in the middle of the development site. To the discussion disco: this way!

On draft

Action comes after listening. This applies equally to speakers and listeners. Get on the dance floor and into the experience.

So very close

Our speakers are standing on stage, sitting next to you and leaning against the same bar. One speaker, countless points of contact.

Thinking out of the box

We are all industries and impart knowledge and inspiration from a wide variety of areas. Interdisciplinary FTW!

Eyes open in the festival traffic

There is always more to discover: on the festival site, in the program or about the person sitting next to. Watch out.

Genuinely authentic

Open Source has always been more than music. Whether as installation, performance, interaction … the idea is actively alive with us.

Open-air networking

In front of or on stage, whether visitors or speakers: Everyone is interested in creativity, innovation and people.

Delicious support for the energy budget

Of course there is also something to chow: breakfast, lunch, dinner – taste and time freely selectable.



Open Source Festival

Galopprennbahn Düsseldorf
July 13, 2018 \ 9am – 10pm